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New Property Search Engine Fills in the Gap and Provides Real Solutions for Prospects Worldwide

Open to all area Brokers, Agents, and even For Sale by Owners, Riviera Maya offers sellers an economy of scale and net marketing opportunies that no other real estate site can offer.  With over 1600 pages indexed on the search engines and over 2000 links,  Riviera Maya and it's news and information sister site already in the top 10 of real estate web sites for the Riviera Maya and is poised to be number 1 within a few months.  "With the number of listings growing daily and our content, our sites are simply growing faster than any one broker can grow their site.  The reason is content" says says Betty Ontiveros, Operations Manager at Riviera Maya. 

"MLS provides the window for buyers from the U.S.A., Canada, and elsewhere to really take a peek into our market and see what is going on" says Ontiveros.  "The feedback has been fantastic".

Riviera Maya expects to have over 500 property listings in the Riviera Maya of Mexico by the end of December and over 1000 listings posted by the 1st Quarter of 2007.  

Riviera Maya provides a real chance for users to come in and search one place to find their properties.  MLS is super excited about putting buyers and sellers together in one place. They are committed in making this MLS a valuable addition to the real estate marketplace. 

"It's a real solution and added value for all" says Chris Rauton of American Development in Playa del Carmen. "This is great!"

Open to all brokers, agents, and even For Sale by Owners, Riviera Maya offers a 90 day free trial offer to all brokers and agents to post their listings, all their listings.  Then it's just $ 29.00 usd per month to keep the membership going.  "There is no where on the net where we can get so much exposure for such a inexpensive rate" MLS 4 Riviera Maya is already a player in the market and is poised to be a market leader on the net.  With over 1500 pages indexed on the search engines and over 2000 links with other web sites, MLS 4 Riviera Maya is growing fast and there is no stopping it. "This idea is growing fast and filling the need for the market.  Thanks "







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